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Full dress Gymnastics 🚀

available to order

First, I strongly recommend that you carefully consider it, every detail, fittings, lining, a combination of different fabrics of the highest quality ⚠️

We made the jacket from thin and light "raincoat" material, and the pants are more comfortable and pleasant to the body, but the fabrics are so perfectly matched in color that you would never have noticed the difference in the photo if we had not said 😉

❕ You can order, as a whole or separately, a windbreaker / jacket and pants in two colors ❕

⚪️ Jacket / windbreaker with sublimation Gymnastics 7.500₽
⚪️ White pants with sublimation Gymnastics 6.000₽
⚫️Black pants of the same style 4.500₽

⚪️SUIT: white jacket with sublimation Gymnastics + white pants with sublimation Gymnastics 12.000₽
⚪️⚫️ SUIT: white jacket with sublimation Gymnastics + black pants 11.000₽

The cost is also directly related to the fact that the suit is completely applied with Gymnastics (sublimation), such a print can withstand a lot of washes 🙌

Sports suit Gymnastics

RUB 15,525.00Price
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