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Italian supplex stands out for its unique color and properties.

The fabric can be used for sewing stage, tracksuits and swimwear. It stretches perfectly thanks to the addition of lycra or elastane. The material can stretch up to 300%.

Clothing made of it is pleasant to the body, does not hinder human movement and does not cause discomfort. That is why it is ideal for sports.

The fabric absorbs moisture well and dries quickly.

Wearing clothes made from this material does not cause allergies and irritations.

Sports suit

RUB 10,000.00Price
    • The recommended washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
    • Washing in the washing machine must be done without spinning.
    • To avoid deformation, the product should be wrung out by hand, avoiding strong twisting.
    • Do not use bleach or aggressive powders.
    • It is better to use gels for washing colored items.
    • It is recommended to dry supplex things in natural conditions. However, excess sunlight can be detrimental to the product.
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